Okay, so where do I start? …Well, I guess you should know a little about me Jacquetta (Juh-kwet-ah) and what my philosophies are. Let me start by saying… It’s all about the new chapters in life. I love to capture all of my clients’ new beginnings; from babies to senior portraits; from engagements to weddings; from maternity and back to babies. I want to create imagery that will last through the generations to come and tell my clients story just as it happened. I believe in organic photos. The kind that capture the candid moments as well as the mood and personality of each individual client. My goal as a photographer is that no two sessions would be alike. I believe that, for as much as I want to know my clients and their stories, They should also know a bit about me and mine. Like a great romance, a photographer and a client must have chemistry. Great photos of people and their lives come out of an unspoken relationship between the photographer and the client. This is a relationship of trust, confidence, and communication that help us reach the same artistic vision. I am the owner/visionary of Jacquetta Style Photography. I am actually a woman with many of my own new beginnings. I am married, with 5 children. I have my hands in a few, commonly linked trades. Beside working as a photographer, I also work as a hair stylist, makeup artist, and educator to the beauty industry. I love working in the beauty profession because It keeps me aware of constant changing styles and fashion trends. I studied fashion in college, shortly after completing my studies I started an image consultation business. It was only natural that I would be inspired by all the beautiful fashion imagery. It intrigued me enough to make me want to create my own. This lead me to shoot models for an agent friend of mine. I believe my experience shooting fashion has added a very unique spin to all of my completed works. I think I first fell in love with the photography of people when I was in high school. I had an old Cannon 35mm camera that I would use to take and develop my own photos. My favorite subjects were my great grandparents. I loved their white hair and folded skin. My grandma’s eyelids were like curtains slightly draped back to expose her beautiful blue eyes. I loved the way the light spilled into their trailer and painted highlights into my images. Funny, how later I found out, that the word “photography” means the recording of light. If a photo is worth a thousand words… then My camera is the pen I use to tell about people and their stories.