Jacquetta Sorenson, owner of Jacquetta Style, is a licensed Cosmetologist, Studied Fashion business in College, has worked as a personal shopper and image consultant, the West Coast Director of cosmetic education for TIGI since 2001, Won TIGI makeup artist of the year in 2007, and her passions doesn't stop there. She is a talented photographer who has been doing makeup and photography for fashion weeks, cosmetic artistry, platform artisan, and been published in Makeup publications. 

Her love for Art, Fashion, Music, Makeup, has all been shown in her photography. Taking everyday things, or places, using creativity, and making them art. Her personality shines through everything she does. Getting to know the clients is what the Jacquetta Style company is all about. From Laughing to Crying with clients, from the beginning of the process to the end, Jacquetta shows to be a true artist who takes her career seriously. 

The Jacquetta style team can do everything from helping you plan your great event, to doing the makeup for your wedding, creating fantastic hair styles, to just simply capturing the moment of a graduating senior. Whatever you need, Jacquetta Style's creativity will far out weigh your expectations.